Ken Yu Kai Kendo training takes place on Monday and Thursday evenings.
Training times may vary between summer and winter.
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A moderate level of fitness will help, but is not essential. You do need to be in good health and as with any exercise program you will need consent from your doctor if you have any serious health issues.

Administrative requirements for registration purposes are needed. Kendo is open all ages, gender and races.

No. Full training, from beginner to advanced, is provided by our club.

Ken Yu Kai Dojo is open to people ages from 9.
Currently Ken Yu Kai does not offer afternoon classes, with all training done in the evenings.
Children and teenagers will join in with the adult class.
Experience has taught us that this does put an added burden onto parents who drop off and collect their child.

Unfortunately not at present, as all instructors are volunteers, that teach without remuneration, and have day jobs.


No. Anyone can learn kendo at any age. Younger people will generally have the benefit of better mobility and fitness.

Comfortable tracksuit pants and a short sleeved t-shirt, that allow for freedom of movement. Shorts and vests are not preferred.

No. Training is done barefoot. Shoes are not permitted on the training floor.

No. The only equipment needed in the first month is a Shinai (Bamboo training sword). Ken Yu Kai Club will assist with a loaner in the initial stages.

Yes. Speak to your club representative who will advise you.

Eventually, after you have completed certain basic training requirements and you have acquired the protective armour. Kendo training is progressive, beginning with footwork and basic sword techniques. Full contact fighting with bamboo swords is usually only started after 6 to 12 months, depending on the student’s progress.

No. For safety reason, all kendo ‘contact fighting’ is done with the bamboo practice sword.

Once you have decided to sign up as a member of a club and are committed to further training, then the following equipment would be needed: – Shinai (Bamboo sword) approx. cost: R380.00 to R400.00 – Bokuto (Wooden Sword) approx. cost: R350.00 [needed after 2 months training] – Hakama & Gi (Official training uniform) approx. cost: R1500.00 [needed after 6 months training] – Bogu (Set of protective armour) approx. cost: New set >R4500.00 [needed after 10 months training]

Introduction Course is for ONE MONTH only to introduce people to the Martial Art of kendo and its training methods. Candidates that sign up for this one month course do not become club or SA Kendo Federation members.
After completing this one month course, the option to sign up for full membership is available.

Members must train for three months with 60% attendance to be eligible for a grading exam.

Yes, if your membership commences the month after completing the Introduction course, then it will be added to your training time towards grading.

No. You are welcome to request immediate membership enrolment.

Questions can be sent to info@kenyukai.co.za and we will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.